Every Page

I let the beast tear to shreds
the sheets of pure white on my bed.
The snow fell in tangent
and spilled through the attic
and froze like soft beads on my head.
And I dreamed that there were ghosts in his eyes
as conspicuous as the sun in rainy skies.
And they haunted some shadow
that filled the well until overflown
and the rims of his lids swelled as he cried.

I stole a glance from my book,
and pondered some thought that he took.
I forget what I knew
and forsake lowering my view,
I’m stolen by that sweet, broken look.
And I watched the sun flicker out
and the butterflies flittered around,
before a fleet to the sky
to become the stars in his eyes
with wings beating soft without sound.

And I saw a harp by the place
where the fire burned bright and erased
the things he threw in,
every nightmare, every dream,
every part of his past, every page.

A New Photoblog

My will has betrayed me. Once again.

This time, I didn’t even make a list of pros and cons. I just hit the “Get a New Blog” button on an impulse, and began. I guess that is my way. Almost everything I do is focused upon impulse.

Looking through the photography and art blogs have obviously taken my heart. I couldn’t help it, I wanted to try it out. I have tried many different blogs elsewise, but a photoblog is a completely new concept to me, and something told me that I had to try it. So I did.

So, without further adieu, here is the unveiling of my new photography blog: www.shardsofthesky.wordpress.com. As I have a particular obsession with photos of the sky, I thought the name Shards of the Sky was deserving.

With every photo I will try to post some form of a small poem, so if you get the chance and you have the interest, feel free to stop by. And, as always, have a lovely day!